The Ghost-Engineer of the Railway Museum

Stanley Gazemba

Imbada Publishers

The Ghost-Engineer of the Railway Museum

The Ghost Engineer of the Railway Museum is an adventure story set at the Nairobi Railway Museum. One day, while on a visit to the museum with his family, Zeddy Chengo, while wandering through the old locomotives displayed in the museum yard, comes across a curious old man who not only claims to have survived a famous attack by the dreaded man-eater lions of Tsavo, but dares him to take a ride on one of the locomotives with him the coming Sunday. It is The Mount Shengena, the biggest locomotive at the museum, and which he claims to have revived into running condition. Thrilled, Chengo accepts, allowing himself to be lured into an adventure of a lifetime involving pirates and buried treasure... and skulls as well!

Creation date: 2018-04-17

81 Pages

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