Letters from the Heart (Beacon Street Girls Book 3)

Annie Bryant

Simon & Schuster

Letters from the Heart (Beacon Street Girls Book 3)

A family history project for school is giving the Beacon Street Girls a lot to think about -- especially Avery. She's got three families: her mother and brothers at home, her father in Colorado, and the birth mother she never really knew. But family is an uncomfortable subject for Maeve. Her parents have just separated, and she doesn't want to talk about it to anyone, not even her best friends in the world, the BSG. Can a bundle of old letters make Maeve see her family in a new light and give her something to share with the Beacon Street Girls?

Creation date: 2017-02-23

256 Pages

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Restricted to Sub-Saharan Africa and India (7,000 copy limit in India, South Africa)


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