Child of Mama

Child of mama is a story set in the rural Gikuyu country during the
British colonial period in Kenya.
Kimonde is born and grows up against this background, in the comfort
of his dependable mother, Muumbi, but in the glaring absence of Mumbuuri,
his father. After struggling with his studies, he secures a plum job in
the city, but soon loses it, courtesy of his friends’ reckless company.
Strengthened by the sympathy and encouragement from his mother
and maternal uncle, he soon nds even a better job, again in the city.
His attempts to form a love relationship with a life partner are thwarted by his
father on the one hand, and by his fiancée on the other, for their own reasons.
Child of mama is a story replete with family drama of proportions.
A worthy read.

Creation date: 2016-06-30

523 Pages

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