Witch Girl

This is modern day Lusaka, Zambia, where the line between magic and religion is blurred, the arcane and the mundane muddle and nothing is what it seems. Luse is a sharp street child combing the gang-ridden city in a desperate search for Doctor Georgia Shapiro who she hopes can offer her a way back to her once bright past. The doctor is trying to unravel the mystery of a friend's sudden death while attending to the AIDS crisis laying waste to the country around her. Meanwhile the Blood of Christ Church and its enigmatic leader Priestess Selena Clark gain popularity with their murky promises of salvation and violent clandestine rituals. A small silver box links them in ways they cannot foretell. It will force Luse and Georgia to question who they trust, who they are and for whom they fight.

Creation date: 2015-07-24

317 Pages

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