The Lightbringers

H.C.H Ritz

Grey Gecko Press, LLC

The Lightbringers

The New United States in 2074 is a superficially utopian society that dictates positive thinking. Privately, millions of people struggle to hide their inability to "think perfectly." A desperate nobody, Gaylen Andrews, finally visits the nation's secret underground of depravity in hopes of finding a cure for his mental torment. He is caught up in a government sting in which he is nearly captured, only to be rescued and recruited by a secret "terrorist" group that works to undermine the government and restore freedom and individuality. In the group's efforts to pull off their biggest mission yet, they are repeatedly betrayed and attacked. Gaylen must find his inner strength and heroism to strike a blow for freedom of thought and his own sanity.

Creation date: 2013-10-24

260 Pages

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