Pinocchio is the classic fairytale of one's youth.
It narrates the Story about a Toymaker named Geppetto, with no kids who carves a Puppet that looks like a little boy.
He names it Pinocchio. Just as he is finishing adding the last touches to his puppet, Pinocchio comes to life.

Pinocchio is in search of experiences and encounters several adventures that almost cost him his life. Along with him goes his friend the cricket and his fairy godmother who protect him.
During those adventures, he discovers that what he most wants in the world is to be a normal little boy back home with his "father" Geppetto.

Creation date: 2013-07-15

193 Pages

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Restricted to Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe

1,750 copies are left of this book.


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