East Africa Upper Primary Base Booklist

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Total 47
 TitleASINPublisherGenreLanguageLevelCountry (Publisher)ModelOther Platforms
A Zebra TaleA Zebra TaleB00CM9JUVWWordAlive PublishersMysteryEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Asha katika Kishada (Kiswahili)Asha katika Kishada (Kiswahili)B01GQEHP1KOxford University Press TanzaniaAction and AdventureSwahiliLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Attack of the Shidas: AKAs Save Planet Earth!Attack of the Shidas: AKAs Save Planet Earth!B01JMKAZQ2StorymojaFantasyEnglishLevel DKenyaPaidAlso on Mobile
Barack Obama: Yes, We Can!Barack Obama: Yes, We Can!B01JMHK4PMLonghorn PublishersBiographies & MemoirsEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Bigambo the Village BoyBigambo the Village BoyB01GQEHP3IOxford University Press TanzaniaEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Bobby the DogBobby the DogB01JMHK4TILonghorn PublishersBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Children's Wisdom StoriesChildren's Wisdom StoriesB01CLHDIZ8Kenya Literature BureauFolkloreEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Close CallsClose CallsB01GQEHP5GOxford University Press TanzaniaLife SkillsEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Cousin Lusu: A Graded Reader for Standard FourCousin Lusu: A Graded Reader for Standard FourB01CLHEI2KE&D Vision PublishingBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Disability is Not InabilityDisability is Not InabilityB01JMKFAYYThe Jomo Kenyatta FoundationSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Doom Shook the EarthDoom Shook the EarthB01JMKAZOYStorymojaFantasyEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Go Go the Goat Goes Gaga in the Game ParkGo Go the Goat Goes Gaga in the Game ParkB01JMKAZMQStorymojaLiterary FictionEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Grandfather's StoryGrandfather's StoryB01GQEHPGUOxford University Press TanzaniaScienceEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
How Bees Learnt to Make Honey and other storiesHow Bees Learnt to Make Honey and other storiesB01JMKFBRAThe Jomo Kenyatta FoundationShort StoriesEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
How to Make Work EasierHow to Make Work EasierB01JMKFBUCThe Jomo Kenyatta FoundationLiterary FictionEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Hyena's Wedding Day and Other StoriesHyena's Wedding Day and Other StoriesB01CLHDK24Kenya Literature BureauFolkloreEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
If OnlyIf OnlyB01JMKFBS4The Jomo Kenyatta FoundationAction and AdventureEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Kito ApepetaKito ApepetaB01CLHC3EAQueenex Publishers LimitedBeginning ReadersSwahiliLevel CKenyaPaid
LadyKiura: The Fighting Corruption Comic Story LadyKiura: The Fighting Corruption Comic Story B01CLHBTOKSingle Education and PublishersAction and AdventureEnglish - Swahili (Bilingual)Level DKenyaPaid
Lessilie the City Maasai Lessilie the City Maasai B01GQEHPREOxford University Press TanzaniaGeneralEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Living in the Shade Living in the Shade B01GQEHPT2Oxford University Press TanzaniaEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Love is BlindLove is BlindB01JMKFBZ2The Jomo Kenyatta FoundationRomanceEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Malaika and the WheelchairMalaika and the WheelchairB01JMHK8MGLonghorn PublishersSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Manka and her Brothers Manka and her Brothers B01CLHEI2AE&D Vision PublishingAction and AdventureEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Momo Makes a MessMomo Makes a MessB00AQPCMCIMaster Publishing (The CAN-DO! Company)Action and AdventureEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Momo the Monkey ArrivesMomo the Monkey ArrivesB009CFJEQAMaster Publishing (The CAN-DO! Company)Action and AdventureEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Ngamia, the Camel Ngamia, the Camel B01CLHD55QLonghorn PublishersSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Nisamehe (Kiswahili)Nisamehe (Kiswahili)B01GQEHP3SOxford University Press TanzaniaAction and AdventureSwahiliLevel DTanzaniaPaid
Nyam-Nyam's Great AdventureNyam-Nyam's Great AdventureB01JMCE7TQBookmark AfricaBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
OmaOmaB01CLHEW76Phoenix PublishersAction and AdventureEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Rina the Grey RhinocerosRina the Grey RhinocerosB01GQEHQK0Oxford University Press TanzaniaAnimalsEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
The Bigger PictureThe Bigger PictureB01JMHLGUYMoran PublishersShort StoriesEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Blind Crime BusterThe Blind Crime BusterB01CLHC2NMFocus Publishers Ltd.Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
The Careful GirlThe Careful GirlB01JMHKBUULonghorn PublishersSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
The FarmThe FarmB01JMHKBV4Longhorn PublishersLevelled ReadersEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Green Cross of KafiraThe Green Cross of KafiraB01JMCE7SMBookmark AfricaBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
The Man from TangaThe Man from TangaB01JMCE5FCE&D Vision PublishingBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DTanzaniaPaid
The Mouse TrapThe Mouse TrapB01CLHC3V8Queenex Publishers LimitedShort StoriesEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Poem PrizeThe Poem PrizeB01CLHC3TUQueenex Publishers LimitedGeneralEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Selfish Tortoise and Other StoriesThe Selfish Tortoise and Other StoriesB01JMHKCE0Longhorn PublishersFolkloreEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Tina and RinaTina and RinaB01CLHEWMQPhoenix PublishersAction and AdventureEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Tortoise and Baboon's FeastTortoise and Baboon's FeastB01JMEDK6KImbada PublishersFolkloreEnglishLevel DKenyaPaidAlso on Mobile
Tree and the Ungrateful BirdTree and the Ungrateful BirdB01JMHKCKELonghorn PublishersShort StoriesEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Ujumbe wa ChupaUjumbe wa ChupaB01CLHBTMMSingle Education and PublishersAction and AdventureSwahiliLevel DKenyaPaid
Who am I? The Story of Barrack ObamaWho am I? The Story of Barrack ObamaB01JMEEJEMEast African Educational PublishersBiographies & MemoirsEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Why Frogs Croak and other storiesWhy Frogs Croak and other storiesB01CLHDIY4Kenya Literature BureauFolkloreEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
a b ch kwa Zanzibar (Kiswahili)a b ch kwa Zanzibar (Kiswahili)B01GQEHP2OOxford University Press TanzaniaLanguage LearningSwahiliLevel DTanzaniaPaid