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 TitleASINPublisherGenreLanguageLevelCountry (Publisher)ModelOther Platforms
A Woman in Her PrimeA Woman in Her PrimeB018Y261EYAdaex Educational PublicationsSelf-HelpEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Akosua's GiftAkosua's GiftB01CLHC2CIOsu Children's LibraryComing of AgeEnglishLevel DCanadaPaid
At All CostAt All CostB01CLHEZFURasmed Publications Ltd.Beginning ReadersEnglishLevel CNigeriaPaid
Ayisha Ayisha B01JMKC1MIStep PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Blossoms of the SavannahBlossoms of the SavannahB01CLHD76ILonghorn PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
Broken Promises (Harmony High Book 1)Broken Promises (Harmony High Book 1)B00CFRBYK6Cover2CoverRomanceEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Daughter of My People, Sing!Daughter of My People, Sing!B01CLHDIYOKenya Literature BureauPoetryEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
Fatuma's New ClothFatuma's New ClothB01JMNW3HIPublished by AuthorSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel CUnited StatesDonated
Fractured LivesFractured LivesB01CLHCLPGModjaji BooksBiographies & MemoirsEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Freshers' WelcomeFreshers' WelcomeB01JMEDA74EPP Books ServicesComing of AgeEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Girl on the EdgeGirl on the EdgeB00R1B0LSWFace2Face (Cover2Cover)Coming of AgeEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaid
Let Her BeLet Her BeB01JMEDK3SKenya Literature BureauAction and AdventureEnglishLevel EKenyaPaid
Let Me Tell You : Kenyan Coastal Girls Talk about Love, School, Sex and FootballLet Me Tell You : Kenyan Coastal Girls Talk about Love, School, Sex and FootballB01JMKB0QGStorymojaSelf-HelpEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
Little Thithinda and the Wind GameLittle Thithinda and the Wind GameB01JMKB0HKStorymojaFaith-based and InspirationalEnglishLevel AKenyaPaid
Love InterruptedLove InterruptedB01CLHCM7SModjaji BooksGeneralEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Malaika and the WheelchairMalaika and the WheelchairB01JMHK8MGLonghorn PublishersSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Mimi MysteryMimi MysteryB01JMKBXR2Sub-Saharan PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
My First Time: Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women like YouMy First Time: Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women like YouB01CLHCLTCModjaji BooksSelf-HelpEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Nala's Great EscapeNala's Great EscapeB01JMKFD82The Jomo Kenyatta FoundationLiterary FictionEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Naomi the Detective Naomi the Detective B01JMEDON4Kenya Literature BureauMysteryEnglishLevel EKenyaPaid
No Empty DreamNo Empty DreamB01JMCEY76Afram Publications (Ghana) Limited Coming of AgeEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Portia's Story: Patience in Our LivesPortia's Story: Patience in Our LivesB01CLHCLA6EPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Reclaiming the L-Word: Sappho's Daughters Out in AfricaReclaiming the L-Word: Sappho's Daughters Out in AfricaB01CLHCMCSModjaji BooksShort StoriesEnglishLevel HSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Serwah: The Saga of an African PrincessSerwah: The Saga of an African PrincessB01JMCEY80Afram Publications (Ghana) Limited RomanceEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Stories Auntie Serwah ToldStories Auntie Serwah ToldB01JMKC326Step PublishersBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel BGhanaPaid
TalatuTalatuB00BXFSAZITerran Dream ArchiveAction and AdventureEnglishLevel FUnited KingdomPaid
Tale of TamariTale of TamariB01JMKBRNWWeaver PressComing of AgeEnglishLevel EZimbabwePaid
Team TrinityTeam TrinityB01CLHCLLKModjaji BooksMysteryEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
The Girl With the Magic HandsThe Girl With the Magic HandsB01JMNW3OGPublished by AuthorFantasyEnglishLevel FUnited StatesDonatedAlso on Mobile
The Great GirlThe Great GirlB01JMHKC6ILonghorn PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Narrow PathThe Narrow PathB018Y2627KAdaex Educational PublicationsLiterary FictionEnglishLevel FGhanaPaid
The River and The SourceThe River and The SourceB01CLHC3KYFocus Publishers Ltd.GeneralEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
The Sultan's DaughterThe Sultan's DaughterB01JMEDAMYEPP Books ServicesLiterary FictionEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
The Village DancerThe Village DancerB01CLHCL8IEPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Yennenga the Dagomba PrincessYennenga the Dagomba PrincessB01JMKC0ISSub-Saharan PublishersAction and AdventureEnglishLevel DGhanaPaidAlso on Mobile